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All About Smudging!

What is Smudging?

Clear negative energies with this ancient practice!

Smudging is typically used with White Sage, but you can use many different herbs to cleanse objects, yourself or your sacred space (Home, work, or wherever you spend most of your time).


You can use a smudging herb of your choice for rituals, meditations or to cleanse. It is an ancient practice that clears low vibrations and negative energies. Burning sacred herbs is the most “Time-tested” method for physically and energetically cleansing a space.


How do you pick your smudge?


The most important step, is understanding that all herbs and plants are sacred, not just sage. Different plants carry different properties and benefits. If you have a specific need, choose a plant that resonates and helps set your intention. Choose whatever you’re drawn too, trust your intuition, don’t go with a certain plant just because that’s what you read on the internet! Play with different smudges, make your own combination, do whatever feels right to you! If you chose to go with your intuition, there is an underlying reason and purpose. Your body knows best.


How to smudge

There are many ways you can smudge, you can use incense, smudge bundle or lose leaves.

Incense: Light the end of your incense and wave it over whatever you are cleansing, whether it be yourself wave it over your body, head to toe & make sure you spin at least 3 times in your cleansing ritual. If you are cleansing an item wave it over in a clockwise then counter clockwise motion 3 times.

Smudge Bundle: Light one end of your smudge stick, allow it to burn for a couple of seconds. Once the flame goes out, gently blow on the lite end to fan the embers; the smudge will begin to glow and smoke. You can then use the stick to cleanse yourself or an object by holding the stick in your hands waving it around 3 times clockwise and counter clockwise. You can gently la the smudge on a heat proof dish, the most popular method is using an Abalone Shell, and this is to catch the ashes.

Lose leaves: Light one big leaf to start lighting the others, be careful not to burn yourself, typically lose leaves are small and you can potentially burn yourself this way. Ensure you have a heat proof dish to do this ritual.

Picture your intention, if you are clearing negative energies, picture the negative energies being lifted away. Using it for healing? Picture the smoke cleansing the injury or illness.

Whatever your intention is, picture it being helped or lifted by the smoke, floating towards or away from you. You can use your hands or a smudge fan (usually a feather) to guide the smoke over you or the object(s). You can use a smudging chant if you feel the need too, here is one of our favorites:

You can buy your own smudging objects online, at a rock shop, spiritual store or you can make your own!

A couple popular herbs to get you started: 

Aspen: Traditionally for protection and the essential oils in the leaves work as a type of anxiety reducer

Rosemary: Soothing and encourages a sense of peace within your environment 

Lemongrass: Purifying and cleansing

Sage: An antibacterial,The smoke from sage to use to cleanse, bless and heal, remove negativity from an object or person being cleansed

Cinnamon: Increasing energy and motivation and it even aids in healing

Blue Spruce: Welcoming scent known to used for cleansing purposes for Serenity, grace and nobility

Cedar: Known to be used commonly for beginners, its also known to be used commonly along with white sage. Cedar is a very slow burning and perfect for full smudge rituals as well.  Traditionally, Cedar has been used simply for Renewal and Protection and grounding

Eucalyptus: Protection, health boosting as well as being energizing for cleansing

Bay Leaves:  Protection, Healing and Calming to Success, victory and being an Anxiety reducer

Myrrh: Enlightenment, healing, and grounding 

Lavender: Encourage a restful night's sleep as well as peace of mind, relaxation and happiness

Peppermint: Refreshing and soothing

Pine: Cleansing and protection. Like all evergreens, Pine is associated with prosperity and good health. Pine needles are traditionally used to bless a new home

Desert Sage: Called the desert rose, cleansing properties as white sage, the scent is entirely different

Catnip: Love, beauty, and happiness within the home or sacred space 

Clove: Drive away hostile, negative forces, for Psychics,this herb is known as the Psychic enhancer

Dill: Protection & luck

If you have any questions about smudging or how to get started feel free to contact us! We'd be happy to help! 

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