To do our part, $3 of each sale will go towards World Wildlife Fund!

How we give back!

How we do our part!

We’re losing so many species due to deforestation, poaching and much more. We do our part by donating $3.00 of every product sold to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation)

Our first animal we adopted was the Sumatran Tiger, the smallest surviving tiger’s species.  We only have 3,890 tigers left in the wild.

Why are the Tigers endangered?

  • Climate change, deforestation, habitat loss and poaching
  • These beautiful creatures are endangered because of poaching, retaliatory killings and habitat loss. Since the human population is rapidly growing, forests and habitats are being destroyed to make room for houses, building, and stores.
  • In 2006 only 1411 tigers were left, they have been slowly increasing. From 2006 – 2019 there is now 3890 tigers left in the wild, which is why they are on the endanger species list.

 China has lifted a ban that they had in place since 1993 banning all use of tiger parts for trade and medicinal purposes. This reverses 25 years of conservation progress, WWF urgently calls on China to maintain their ban but also to extend it, not only to their wildlife, but to tigers bred in captivity for this purpose.


Our Animal we’re working on saving is the 3 Toed Sloth!

Why are they endangered? (wwf)

  • Poaching, habitat loss & deforestation
  • Cutting down the red mangrove tree
  • Less than 100 pygmy 3 toed sloths survive in the wild

A male sloth will spend his entire life in one tree, only coming down once a week to do his business or go for a swim. They spend 15-20 hours a day sleeping, unlike most mammals they cannot regulate their body temperatures. Humid, warm environments is where they live and thrive.


Why we decided to give back to our wildlife


We decided to give to WWF because we need to protect our diminishing wildlife, not only for the wellbeing of our planet, but for the beauty that every creature holds. We lost a lot of species this year and we can’t sit by and let our wildlife be killed by humans.


Thank you for helping us save our wildlife! 

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