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Rosemary And White Sage Protection Salts

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These handmade sacred vessels are made to protect you and your home from negative energies. 

- Rosemary is the oldest used incense. 

- Use rosemary for cleansing, consecration, peace of mind, release and all kinds of       psychic, spiritual and even physical purification.

- It is believed to provide good luck, prevents theft, protection, help psychic development, psychic protection, purification, release, prevent nightmares

- Said to bring happiness, love, memory, passion, bless weddings with fidelity, honesty, longevity, wisdom




Place a handful in a nylon bag and place around doors, windows to protect your home, place it your car to protect the aura surrounding you and your car. 

Rosemary under the pillow also helps you to remember your dreams and thus can be useful when doing dream or journey work also, Chase away nightmares by putting some of the herb herb beneath your pillow.

 Shelf Life

Our lovely salts last 6 months. 


Rosemary Essential Oils

White Sage (Burned and Unburned leaves) 

Course Kosher Salts 


Each product that is purchased is cleansed from energies, recommended when you receive each item, cleanse it from energies that it may have picked up along the way!