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Larvikite and sodalite Mala

Larvikite & Sodalite Mala

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This beautiful Mala Necklace is made from  Larvikite & Sodalite.  Larvikite protective and grounding stone. It is cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitates a strong connecting with the energies of earth, helping to connect with the spirits of nature. Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances our psychic abilities. Sodalite has a strong vibration that will bring your attention to the qualities of idealism and truth. This is a strong third eye chakra and throat chakra stone that brings an excellent energy into your life.

Mala Necklaces are a great meditational tool, used to count the number of times a mantra is recited/ breaths while meditating/ counting prostrations/ or the repetitions of a Buddha's name. Malas have 108 beads because it has become a very sacred in many religions and yoga.  This design is great if you love wearing your Malas on your wrist or ankle.

This stone necklace is crafted with great attention to detail, with a very durable 0.8 gauge twine cord. 

Each product is born with tremendous love and care, before it is shipped out they'll be cleanse of negative energies for you. Attention is paid where attention is needed! 

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