To do our part, $3 of each sale will go towards World Wildlife Fund!

Our Story

It all started about a year ago when I fell in love with rocks and crystals, I loved how they look and how they made me feel.  I finally decided to put my love and passion in to action, and thats how MindfulblissOnline started. 

The more time I invested the more my world and eyes opened. I am on a wonderful spiritual journey and even though there are still some bad days where the world looks dark and gloomy. The benefits are truly out of this world, I no longer get frustrated or angry as easily and I have more of an open mind when it comes to certain things. 

I sell Handmade/Picked rock and crystal jewelry, home decor and accessories. Each rock and crystal has a wonderful energy that helps with all types of problems. My goal is to provide the world with as much beauty and healing as I can, I truly love what I do and am grateful to have found my passion so early. I would love to open an actual store someday soon. 


Hope you all have a blessed and colourful day xoxo