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Crystal Clearing

These lovely gifts from the earth should be treated with care. Crystals are formed from millions of years ago, under pure energy. Each carry their own unique energetic properties. All our pieces come with a detailed care card of how to care for your stones, and an information card stating what properties it has. 
These are a few methods that can be used to clear the energy from your gemstone jewelry. 
* Burn sage to smudge the jewelry/ crystal. Pass it through the smoke and focus your intention of clearing the energy from the creation. 
* Full moon cleansing, place your jewelry/ crystal in direct moon light. The rays from the full moon will clear the energy that your creation has. 
* Fill a bowl with clean salt and cover your jewelry/crystal with the salt and leave it for an hour or more. The salt draws out negativity and impurity. Throw the salt away afterwards.
* Sit in stillness and place the crystal in your hands. Set your intention for clearing the crystal with a preferred mantra. Repeat this mantra either in your mind or out loud for as long as feels right to you.